Sundays Auction, group show May 2013

Spectrum  Studios, one man show,  “Welcome to Spring”, one-man show,  April 2013

Haden Five Studios,  one man show,  May 2012

Dacia Gallery: Group show, “Awake”, November of 2010

320 Studios, group show, 2010

The Gershwin Hotel, Oct. 2010, one-man show

The Gershwin Gallery:

February 2000: First one-man show

April 2000: Group show

May 2000: “Hollywood Glam” group show

June 2000: “The End” group show

February 2006: One-man show

The New Yorker Gallery

December 2000: “Modern Madness” group show

February 2001: “The Spirit of ’76” group show

June 2001: “High-wire: Otherness and the Subversion of the Self” gallery anniversary group show

January 2002: “Altered Landscapes” group show

April 2002: Group show

June to September 2003: Group show

DopDop Salon (Soho)

August to October 2002: One-man show

May 2004: One-man show

Brooklyn Alehouse

March 2003: One-man show

CVB Space

November 2004: Group show

William Whipple Gallery, Minnesota

December 2003: Group show

The Puck Building

September 2005: Sankofa Art Fair, collection of black and Caribbean artists from around the world.

The Alice Band Salon

Apri l2005: One-man show

Boylan Studios

March 2007: “The Girl and Pony Show” one-man show